Curriculum Vitae


  • Composer, primarily in the area of contemporary art music
  • Artistic Research
  • Initiator of and participation in various recordings, projects and networks
  • Lectureships at various educational institutions since 2003
  • giving concerts, regularly for over 20 years



  • Studies at the University of Berne (Research, Musicology, Art History)
    et al Works about John Cage
  • MASTER’s degree (with honors) Compositions&Theory, SwissDiatonicAccordion, Research
    MA-Thesis: Mediaphonic – Theory of (un)limited possibilities 
  • BACHELOR’s degree Composition, SwissDiatonicAccordion
    BA-Thesis: SwissDiatonicAccordion – Jazz possibilities – an instrumental expedition
  • Premier majoring in SwissDiatonicAccordion, also in the degree programms SwissFolkmusic, and Jazz as a SwissDiatonicAccordionist
  • CAS SwissFolkmusic
  • Various instruments at classical music schools and/or autodidactic

RESEARCH (scientific)

  • High Performance Teams in music&economy (2014; BUA/UB, interdisciplinary)
  • Alban Berg: Recomposition Lyric Suite (2011; BUA Research / 11th Annual Congress of the association of german-speaking Music Theory)


  • OM («music basic reasearch»)
  • ILC (Alumni joining)
  • (artistic research with the swissdiatonicaccordion)
  • Swiss Perform
  • VSV



  • NOMINATION for the Swiss Music Prize (2014)
  • CULTURAL PROMOTION PRIZE (Canton Schwyz 2013)
  • NICO KAUFMANN AWARD (Zurich 2011)
  • RECOGNITION AWARD (Altendorf 1995)