07 Dec

[!] new album «4DECADES» now available

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1Maestro 2’12”
2Hurry Up Slowly4’21”
7Flying Train4’00”

the lead instrument is a 3row Diatonic Accordion
(the original swiss standard modell in B flat, a so-called «Schwyzerörgeli»).

©&℗: Composition, Recording&Interpretation (all parts), Production: Marcel Oetiker

10 Aug

New Album “Variations on Evening Peace”

in the digital musicstores
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Bonustrack #1:

Bonustrack #2:

A Remix, based on the Film Theatre Music of FÖHNSTURM:
24.04.2014 Filmtheatermusik FÖHNSTURM

09 Jul

samples updated

marceloetiker.com/en > samples > «Narren» (2007/2018)

marceloetiker.com/en > samples > «Donna Lee» Charly Parker (30.09.2016)