«In a courageous way, his composition SCHERZO combines folkmusic roots with compositional techniques from the classic scene of the 20th century. Whereby the easiness and, from time to time, the daring courage, always keeps freshness within the piece. The portrait includes also some arranged pieces in traditional forms, with whom Marcel Oetiker was known both as a performer and as a composer.» (Neue Urner Zeitung)

«Complex, free, and never corny in terms of traditions.» (TTB)

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«The wizard of the SwissDiatonicAccordion.» (Bote Der Urschweiz)

«He made great pioneering work as the first student in SwissDiatonicAccordion and SwissFolkmusic.» (MA)

«With his instrument, Oetiker goes ahead into areas, where no one else was before him. He tests boundaries, opens it, but he never destroyed it.» (MLZ, Kurt-Emil Merki)

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«Who ever considered the SwissDiatonicAccordion ‹only› as an instrument for folkmusic; after a Marcel Oetiker TRIO Concert, your mind must be fundamentally revised.» (SZ)

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